Google update for managing users’ data

Data privacy is very important when it comes to manage large amounts of data. Tech giants like Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon tackle with large amounts of data, dealing with billions of users around the world. To manage the data is tough and to keep it private is the priority of these companies. Due to leaked data from some companies around the world especially in United States of America, almost all the companies that deal with any kind of data have been the target by the public that these companies are not protecting their data. Many companies are being criticized by the public that they are violating human rights regarding privacy. Few months back Facebook was criticized by the public that they are leaking public’s data to the government which is against the law.

Due to the data privacy concerns Google has come up with something new that can help the users to manage their data and protect it. Google contains every information about user, from your personal details to your everyday search. So, to give some control to the users Google announced that the users will be able to delete the search history whenever they can. Few more features include the ability to select which type of information you want Google to save in your account and which type of ads you want to appear while you are online searching.

There are options available in your Google settings from you can turn off the activities that Google is tracking. Google announced that they allow their users to keep their certain information personalized which will stop other advertisement agencies to view your data. There are some companies that sell their data to the advertisement companies but not according to Google because Google is the company that deals with very sensitive data so to selling the data will contradict their policy. Due to these reasons the user can turn off the certain information which will be kept private from the ad companies. As Google search algorithm analyzes the data searched and according to that it shows the related ads. So now with the use of this update users can manage their data that which data they want to be personalized and which data they want to allow to be public. This is a good thoughtful update from Google unlike other companies that keep almost every detail of the user and sells to the advertisement companies without asking the users.

Google is still improving their data privacy policies and to the settings so that they can make their users feel safe about their sensitive data. Different companies like Google are working to keep the sensitive information be encrypted so that if there is a chance of a cyber-attack the data can be well protected which contains sensitive information. Just like this Google is also improving the Login system by connecting your mobile devices to your account and notifies you every time if there is an account sign in from a strange device.