How to increase Spotify plays-the ultimate guide

Spotify Plays

As artists or musician, your ultimate goal is to get success in the online music streaming site because it can help you to excel in your field in a short time. Spotify needs no introduction for the artist as it claims the top spot in the music streaming landscape. It plays an important role in both the professional lives of the artists. In today’s time, there will be hardly any musician or a record label that does not have an account on Spotify. It is one the most popular music-sharing site where people share their music craft with the world and the popularity of a person or company on Spotify, is judged by the number of “plays” that artist/musician gets. Spotify is also considered as one of the best advertising channels in the music industry.

With almost all the musicians active on Spotify, the competition has even become stiffer on this platform as well. As the number of plays conveys the popularity of someone on Spotify, it has also become necessary for artists and record labels to make a mark on this platform to compete.

There are many benefits to buying Spotify plays, here are some of them:

What are the Benefits of Buying Spotify Plays?

More Followers:

People who click on the like button on Spotify are more active and engaged than any other average Spotify user. The admin of Spotify claims that the average people who get more plays on their tracks have several followers as compared to a typical user. The huge numbers of plays also make you popular among people as they will be eager to know more about you and your music.

Increase Credibility:

When you get more plays on your Spotify tracks, it increases your credibility that leads to increase your fan base. You can also connect with other artists that help you to get more success over there. Also, share your other social platforms and encourage your existing fans to follow you on Spotify.

How to increase more Spotify plays

Add Spotify widget on your Website:

This is one of the important and efficient ways to get Spotify plays as by clicking on the Spotify widget, user can view your profile and listen to your soundtracks.

Create playlists:

Create playlists and update them regularly. On Spotify, people are likely to listen to theme-based playlists according to their current mood. As music is an instant mood booster, so try to create playlists that change the mood of the listener. For instance, if someone is getting bored, he/she will tend to listen to tracks that make his/her happy. You can even use popular tracks into your playlists but give credit to that artist. It is an organic way to get more Spotify plays. The more you have played, the more are the chances to get featured on top charts of Spotify.

Bottom Line: So, if you are into an amateur artist or musicians which needs to be identified among the masses, then buy plays is very helpful for you.