How to get more Instagram followers: The Only Guide You Need in 2018

These days, Instagram is the best platform where you get famous and market your brand as the user engagement on Instagram is 58% more than Facebook. More than that, it is a platform where you can find valuable content. You can get more success on Instagram if you reach out more people and interact with your existing followers. However, it might seem a little bit difficult at the start. But once you get 1000 followers, the growth should begin increasing. Follow these steps and get Instagram followers in no time.

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Develop your own hashtag: Hashtags have too much importance when it comes to becoming famous on Instagram, getting more likes and followers and market your brand or product. That’s why most brands in the world and big Instagram accounts have developed their own hashtags that show their identity. These hashtags are used only for these brands or individuals. Try to engage people with a specific topic and ask them to share your post with that hashtags. Your account will look bigger and more professional when you develop your own hashtag and it gets noticed by many people. People also get interested in the campaign that you are running. The hashtag should be your brand’s name, your account’s name, your product’s name, camping, service, event or a mixture of words that are more related to your topic or niche.

Make a list of competitors and ideals: It has a lot of importance due to many reasons which are given below:

  1. It is a good idea to get to know about their profiles. How are they communicate with their audience (get the ideas and do the same) and what sorts of posts either photos or videos get the most share by the people.
  2. It is a great way to team up with your competitors and to be pals on Instagram. Communicate with them and interchange shout-outs to stick around.
  3. If there are a lot of competitors that you want to communicate or collaborate with, but you don’t get any response, don’t be disappointed. It might take some time to reply you as they are perhaps overloaded with another happening on their social network.

Set your theme: Create your own style on Instagram. Set your own theme, use bright colors and post creative photos. These all things will give you a real identity on this photo-sharing app and people will love to see your post. But with this keep in mind, don’t copy it from other Instagrammer. Just think what you love and how can you make your Instagram feed more appealing for your followers.

Shout-outs: Shout-outs is a good way to get more Instagram followers. Although it doesn’t work well with small accounts it does wonder when someone has an account with more than 10K following. Just mention other in your post or Instagram story. Also, you can mention them in the caption of your posts or share screenshots of their account.

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