Periscope Updates Its Features for Improving Replay Engagement

Periscope is a social media application that lets users to share their live video streams from your phones. You can either watch a live video or broadcast a live video related to anything that you want. This app is owned by Twitter, and recently it has updated the periscope application by adding three distinct and innovative features which are going to help in improving engagement related to the replays on different videos.

Three Distinct Features

As said earlier, Periscope app has been working on its updates lately and it came up with three distinct features. Let’s discuss the three of these features now.

Select a Thumbnail

You know the most distinct and the noticeable thing about your video stream is the thumbnail. Therefore, you should select a nice thumbnail for your stream that highlights it and makes it attractive. Till now, all of the users of the periscope could only use an auto generated thumbnail that was usually taken from the starting of the video. But now, the latest updates allow you to choose a thumbnail for your video. You can now use a nice creative and innovative thumbnail that attracts more and more people to watch your video. Your thumbnail should be such creative that it should force the people to watch your stream. Hence, when we talk about view or to enhance engagement, selecting a nice thumbnail is what matters.

Editing the Title

After selecting a nice and a suitable thumbnail, next step involves to edit the title of your stream. The updated feature allows the users to change the title which was never possible before this new update. Now, the users can also update their video stream’s title once it has been broadcasted or ended. This feature is liked the most by the users because it allows users to do something that they have been wishing to do but they were not able to do it in the past before the update.

Setting a Custom Start Point

Another amazing feature is that now the users can choose the point where they want their stream to start. That means that they can now choose their starting point. When the users are going to decide from where they are going to broadcast, it is indeed going to be the point that holds the highest engagement. This is going to benefit the viewers in a sense that they will start viewing the broadcast from a point that holds highest engagement.

These are the three of the updates that has been added by the Periscope app into its features that are benefitting the users in enhancing engagement in some way or the other. Each updated feature add more to the app. Today, YouTube and Facebook also allows users to broadcast livestream videos that allows more people to view it. Hence, there are people who are more reliable in using Facebook and YouTube instead of Periscope. But Periscope does have some loyal users who are going to get benefitted by these updated features.