The Highlights of the Moroccan City Casablanca!

With a population of around four million individuals, it’s one of the biggest cities situated on the coasts of the Atlantic Ocean. It developed from a little fishing town at the start of the twentieth century to a huge cultural and commercial center in North Africa. A lot of tourists who visit to Morocco would go to Casablanca because of its wonderful blends of a different culture, architecture, and artistic elements. Today we’ll be discussing a few of the most wonderful highlights of the Casablanca usually visited by numerous travelers spending their holidays in Morocco.

The Mosque of Al Hassan II:

The Masjid of Al Hassan II is the largest Masjid in Africa and Morocco, and the 7th largest Masjid in the world. It is featured with its magnificent towering minaret that is two hundred and ten meters in height. A lot of tourists who visit Morocco would admire the Masjid at least from outside. The Masjid, that is also contemplated the biggest religious structure in the world, was built in the year 1993 after six years of construction processes throughout the time in power of Al Hassan El II, Morocco’s king. The prayer area of the Masjid can accommodate up to twenty-five thousand worshipers. It is besides eighty thousand other worshipers in the Masjid’s open courtyard. A lot of travel packages comprise a visit to the Masjid of Al Hassan II in the city of Casa.

The Cornish of Casablanca:

One of the most unique features of the city of Casablanca is the Cornish or the street that’s linked with the shore of the Atlantic sea of the city. It is one of the most well-liked places for the tourists and the locals who go to Morocco in the Casablanca. It’s a site that never sleeps, and that is lively with action 24/7. Thousands of individuals would be around the Cornish of Casa in diverse times of the day. A few travelers who spend their vacations in Morocco would like some chilling out, swimming, and some water sports in the coastlines of Casablanca. Furthermore, there are dozens of nightspots comprising discos, restaurants, and nightclubs where visitors can go dancing or enjoy a drink.

The Royal Casablanca Palace:

The Royal Palace of Casa is the house of Mohamed VI, the Moroccan king and it is contemplated one of the most well-liked tourist attractions of the country frequently explored by visitors who visit Morocco. The palace is well-liked for its wonderful architecture and design.

The Mohamed V Square:

It is the center of the city of Moroccan Casa. The location of this well-known place was never selected by coincidence. It was where the first Europeans sauntered when they arrived in the city of Casa in the year 1907. That is why this place has a Moorish Islamic mood and feeling. The Mohamed V Square is frequently comprised of a lot of tours to Morocco. This square is well-known for the big fountain, its imposing European style structures, and the pigeons that a lot of visitors enjoying their vacations in Morocco usually feed and take pictures with.

Ain Diab Beach:

The exact location of the city of Casa is on the banks of the Atlantic Ocean. Ain Diab is the main beach situated in Casa and greets the more international travelers through the flights to the city of Casa. Just a small trip from the city center, numerous modern beach bars are there to amuse its guests. It is a stretch of seashore that is simply more than a mile. Pools along the marina are perhaps an excellent choice to select when wanting to swim. The beach clubs located on the harbor provide different memberships accessible to buy, and the hotels will also provide a few non-residents taverns on a little charge for accommodating the international tourists through taking the flights to the city of Casa.

The Old Casablanca Medina:

Casablanca was surrounded by a few fortified walls that were built at the end of the eighteenth century as the first part of the old Medina. However, a lot of the parts we see today were built at the start of the twentieth century. Today a lot of tourists who visit Morocco would go to this section for having a fantastic saunter around the monuments and for purchasing a few astonishing souvenirs.

The Agadir Beach:

This beach is an awfully well-liked place of interest as it is snuggled in a curved shaped cove that is privileged by surrounding mounts and bears over three hundred sunny days a year. It is quite pleasant throughout wintry weather. Taking the cheap flights to the city of Casa and spending your holidays engage numerous activities and water sports comprising swimming, windsurfing, water skiing, surfing, and sailing. There’s also enough vicinity for only unwinding in a roped-off branch of the coast. Agadir has become an iconic beach destination in Morocco. Discover Casablanca’s good-looking destination for seaside tours.