Twitter Experiences a Decline in the Number of Users

Twitter has been going through dark times in the past because of Facebook. Facebook was more favored by the people as compared to Twitter, so there were more active users on Facebook than on Twitter. Today, Facebook has about 2.2 billion active users, and that is not it. The number of users are still increasing. This amount is hard to achieve, but Facebook being a social platform has achieved this number. The more people using some platform means more people are going to use that particular platform for advertising purposes and hence it will be able to generate more revenue. Therefore, Facebook is able to generate more revenues as compared to other social media websites. But if any platform has a huge number of users, it does not mean people are going to use it forever. It will fall from maturity to decline because eventually people get bored of the same things. In order to keep its users, it needs to come up with new things.

Twitter has been going through a major decline unfortunately. According to a recent research made by Twitter itself for the number of active users, they found a huge decline. The amount of monthly active users declined from 335 million to 326 million users. People are less actively using Twitter, and they are switching towards other social platforms. Recently, Twitter worked a lot on the security issues and the privacy policies. It banned all the spam and fake accounts. It deleted all the accounts that failed to follow the rules. As it came up with the new policies, it can clearly see a decline in the number of users. Twitter is still expecting to experience more decline in the number of monthly active users in future as they are still aiming to remove all the violators, impersonators, or those using bad language.

It is seen that even if there is a decline in the monthly active users of Twitter, the daily active users are increasing day by day. Still Twitter is able to generate more revenue with less number of active users which is great on their part. Even if their audience is going towards decline, they are still able to earn more by what they are serving. The type of content they are producing and their engagement of course matters a lot. People see that Twitter has been working on their privacy policies for its users so that they can use it without the fear of being impersonated.

If Twitter continues to generate favorable revenues even with less active users, the decline of monthly active users won’t matter to them. Increasing revenue would benefit Twitter a lot, as more businesses would look up to it for marketing and advertising purposes. More people will definitely mean more advertisements for the products, and more advertisements will of course help in generating more revenues. More revenues will increase the audience of Twitter. Hence, Twitter needs to focus on the ways that could help it in earning more revenues.